YouTube SEO for Video Ranking – Step by Step Secret to Get Your YouTube Video Rank

YouTube SEO for Video Ranking

I am highly experienced Internet Marketer that’s why I feel your pain. I remember, when I started my career in this industry I try to rank my YouTube videos but not rank well just because of lack of knowledge.

I’m pretty sure you’ve also tried so many tricks and technique to rank your video on YouTube as well as Google. Lots of people tried social booking, article marketing, web 2.0 posts etc., but not getting the satisfactory results from them.

What’s the problem?

Because most of the tutorials in the market are out dated and some are very theoretical. It’s highly unlikely that most of the Internet professional’s other tutorials explain you one of their income streams and show what they did to achieve for their video ranking in YouTube and Google. I would be surprised when these people showed their actual video in their tutorial.

In this post, I am going to show you something really special, which is called YouTube SEO and this will really help to get your video rank in YouTube, In fact, my step by step secret will forced to YoutTube to get my video rank.

Keep in mind some niches are tougher than others depending on your competition so you may have to put a little more effort into getting your video to rank.

You can start with medium level competitive keyword, because you have to spend some on backlink services. After all, this video will give you thousand of dollars so you need to promote this video for your business.

You can use this strategy for easier keywords to competitive keywords. If your keywords competition is low then you need to spend lower amount but if your keyword competition is high then you have to spend some amount to generate backlinks and rank your Website on Google 1st page.

Step 1. Create a Professional Video Reviews, if you want to earn from Affiliate. If you want to make professional looking videos within few minutes, you can use explaindio, which is easy-to-use video creator program.

Step 2. After video creation you need to work with “On Page SEO of YouTube Video”. Try to give the name of the video file the keyword you target.

After that post your target keywords in the Video Title, try to use the keyword twice in the video title. For example, if you target six pack abs then you can try this “Six Pack Abs Review – How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast”.

Step 3. After playing with the Video title, please make sure, you post your affiliate link under the video description as the first thing and then try to complete your video description with more than 300 words.

Step 4. Add a Call to Action with an Annotation about 5 seconds in starting and 10 seconds at the end of the video. In your Annotation, try to force the user why they need to click your affiliate link in video description.

Step 5. When you done with the video description, you need to post some video tags. Video Tags is one of the major part of Video SEO and I recommend you to put some keywords that you rank for.

If you target some product reviews, then try to post product name, product name review, buy product name in the video tags.

If you have a particular niche related video then search for those videos who have huge following and already viral in YouTube.

You can put the name of their channel as a tag and then your video will show up in their related videos and you will get huge traffic from them which is related to your niche.

Off Page Activities for YouTube SEO and Video Ranking

Step 6. After finished with the “on page seo work”, I am going to talk about the promotion through “off page activities”.

Ok, let’s start from the rss feed and you need to submit your video rss feed with different rss directories.

The is the string where you specified your channel username and title of the video. After place your details just submit this feed to free rss directories.

Step 6. After submit your video on rss directories you have to post your video on Bookmarking sites. I use this option to keep my links looking natural to Google and get good IP diversity and IP spread.

You don’t have to pay project basis bookmarking submission or neither you need to invest in monthly basis service for social bookmarking.

I use Bookmarking Demon for this activities and this is a great social bookmarking tool and saves my lots of time and money. Must use this tool if you want to promote your different videos and websites on regular basis. This will save your tons of money.

For things like product reviews or low competitive keywords, this will be good enough to rank your video.

Note : Remember, Before starting your “off page activities” take the YouTube Video URL and make into 6 different URLs to post your video with different variations.

  1. For example:

The above URLs are going to the same place but are different…this creates natural diversification in Google’s eyes.

Step 7. we need to get specific services to rank my video. Write a press release for your video, you can get press release’s written pretty cheap. Just go to and get quality press release from there which is related to your niche.

You can post your press release on different high pr press release websites or you can hire someone for this webpost service.

Step 8. Turn Your Press Release into a PDF Document and then Distribute to High PR Doc Sharing Sites. Google really loves these Doc sharing sites. This is very easy.

You already have pdf document in your hands. Just post this pdf document on high PR document sharing sites, which give the very good value with link juice to your video. You can also embed your video in different blog posts as well, which helps you in Video Ranking.

If you follow these methods, you will get good ranking for your videos in YouTube as well as Google. If for some reason, you need more link juice, just go over and search for those Gig who have good reviews in link building.

I am sure it will definitely help you to make some money and boost some confidence for future.

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