How to Build Most Powerful Backlinks from Secret Backlink Source

In this post, I give you the most powerful way to generate backlinks from my secret backlink source. I exposed the biggest myth of SEO industry and how these backlinks can help you in Search engine ranking.

Most Powerful Backlink Method

Since last couple of years Google have been very strict and penalized thousands of websites due to spammy link building techniques and over optimization. That’s why most of the people feel SEO is dead and stop their link building.

If you are also one of SEO struggler with the same Google slap’s then must follow my guide where you will get my powerful backlink source of link building.

Link Building is a regular process, if you stop them and your competitor will build links on regular basis then your website goes down. So, I suggest you, don’t stop your link building process after all it is one of the most effective marketing technique with High ROI and low investment.

So without talking about nonsense things, lets move into the secret methods that I use to drive traffic and get authority backlinks from different resources. These technique is unique and you can grab this opportunity as early as possible.

Make Your Backlinks More Authority

Build Backlinks with InfoGraphics Websites

Info graphics sites is one of the secret source where you can drive traffic and getting backlink to your website. These website showing the visual graphic representations of any complex information in a much simpler form with great image and data. Now, you thinking how you can create these info graphics.

Here are some of the Infographic websites where you can build some info graphics for your website.

Ok, now let’s checkout some those websites where you can submit your info graphics for FREE and get HIGH PR, Do Follow, Permanent Backlinks.

More infographic websites are available in my PDF resource, which is available in the bottom of the post, just download that file and post your info graphics on all websites. All these websites are very good in Google’s eye and you can submit your info graphics for free, I have researched and collected these website specially for you.

After building backlinks from these high authority websites, you will see some GOOGLE DANCING as these backlink will boost your website rankings and improve you search engine position very quickly.

My next secret sauce of link building is Profile links which is very useful for search engine ranking. I will show a site where you can find more than 100 social profile website links. All these 100 websites provide permanent backlink and boost in ranking.

Ok, just go to this website –

knowem Website

Just type your brand name and you will see which profile name are available for you in these websites.

Just visit these websites and register your profile with your brand name. You can also use your keyword in your profile so that you can pass on the link juice in ranking your site.

Ok, after getting the link juice from info graphics and profile link websites, I give you my another secret of link building and i.e. Audio Sharing websites.

Audio sharing websites are one of my favorite sources of backlinks. These websites are very similar to document sharing websites, such as Slideshare, Scribd and Docstoc; however, they are for sharing audio files.

They’re generally not moderated, allow dofollow backlink and give the domain authority and trust which is most important part for search engine ranking. Even if you don’t run a website related to music, you can still post plenty of audio files and get permanent, do follow backlinks from these websites.

So here is the step by step method where you can increased authority in your market. First, you need a music file to share. While this isn’t a requirement of every site, it helps round out your profile. And it helps build some internal links to your profile, that means more authority passed to your site.

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Click Record

Step 3 : Allow the site to access your microphone

Step 4 : Let’s start sing something at least a minute then hit the “Click to Stop” and if you want to review this file, just hit the “listen” button.

Step 5 : If it’s good, scroll down and click “Click here to save” and save your file as an .mp3 format.

Step 6 : Now you can submit this mp3 audio file on below mentioned websites and get high quality do follow backlinks easily.

List of Audio Websites

http://www.bandcamp/com – PR 7 – PR 6 – PR 6 – PR 5 –  PR 5 – PR 5 – PR 5 – PR 5

Just Register on these websites then create your profile and upload your audio file on them. Most of these sites running the same way, so no need to worry.

More audio sites are included in my PDF resource, so if you want to download this file just share this post to download my PDF resource and keep forever.

I hope you love my link building secret and share this information with others.

Thank You For Sharing

Thank you for sharing the tutorial, it really appreciated!

Download the Sources of Backlink Source

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