How to Make Money From Youtube Adsense Per View

YouTube is the largest video and 3rd most popular website in the world.  The topic of YouTube is huge, and only getting bigger and bigger. Teaching the people about “How to make money from YouTube” is a topic that people wish to learn more of. It’s no different than guide people about how to make money from Facebook.

Google Youtube Adsense Money

The Market Potential of

  • It processes over 3 Billion Searches a month!
  • YouTube gets over 1 Billion monthly visitors.
  • Nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on YouTube.
  • YouTube is Bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL combined!
  • YouTube reaches more U.S. adults, between 18 to 33 year old people than any other network.

Youtube Adsense Earnings Per View

Lost of people asking me about the revenue of Adsense per 1000 impressions of Video. The short term is called RPM which represents the estimated earnings from every 1000 impressions you get from Youtube video. It doesn’t mean how much you have earned from the video. Basically RPM calculated by dividing your expected earnings from the impressions or say page views you get on the particular video and then multiplying from 1000.

The is the correct formula of Estimated Earnings of Youtube Video

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

I done lot of research on youtube video earning and found how much you can expect to earn per video by placing Adsense ads on it:-

25,000 views = $75

50,000 views = $150

100,000 views = $300

200,000 views = $600

300,000 views = $900

400,000 views = $1,200

500,000 views = $1,500

From the above calculation, you can easily find out how much you can earn from 1000 impressions of Youtube video.

Do you think it’s very difficult to receive this kind of views? Incorrect. You simply need to develop the most appropriate type of videos where you get thousand of impressions very quickly. Ok, I will tell you how to do that!

How to Make Video Viral

You can make your video viral and you don’t need to tweet your video on Twitter account or even you don’t share on your Facebook account. Lots of people think that viral videos happen by accidently.

Ok, I will tell you the secret behind this and how you can make a viral video in youtube. If your video get viral on youtube that gets more than 100,000 hits then you can make easily $300 from that video. And, this idea is totally scalable, you can multiply your income by the number of videos you’re willing to create.

One more thing, these videos are free to produce but if you wish to create very fast, you can outsource all this work on Fiverr also.

How to Find Secret Niches for Viral Videos

Niches play a major role in the Viral Video game. Some niches get very small clicks but some niches are so powerful and get thousand of clicks in very short time. I am not kidding you, just see the below mentioned youtube channels that are worth working in:-

Fact Videos Youtube Channel

Toy Youtube Videos Channel

Parody Youtube Videos Channel

All these above niches are very good and you will get thousands of clicks in very short period of time. You can create these videos very easily and don’t break any rules.

Nobody can control what the people wants, but we can create these type of videos and serving them what they want. And almost 80% of people want mindless entertainment, but that’s why they’ve come on YouTube.

Entertainment videos are one of the most demanding niche on Yotube and you can invest all your time and money into creating. These types of videos are those one that will get thousand of views and take not more than 2 days to produce.

This is my last 10 years of experience and I know what niches work well and what might not work.

I guarantee you, if you collect the hot topics from,,, and Google hot trends, you can easily viral your videos because these websites will show you the most hot topics along with what people likes in current time.

How You can Create Viral Videos that Bombed on Youtube

After selecting the hot trends from one of the above websites, you can see the general reactions related to your trend. See what all the different views are. I can pick up some cool ideas for jokes and humor. You can almost create the whole script just read the blog comments of these humor videos.

If you need more unique jokes, you can hire a joke writer on Fiverr in just $5. Just download the entire videos of the thing which you are using for humore parody. You can easily download the YouTube videos by using the

After choose the final video you can edit it and do a voiceover with that. If you are worry how you can use voices in your parody videos then Fiverr is the best answer again for that. You can easily find all types of voices for your humor video.

Just look at this YouTube channel, who is making a killer videos, using Fiverr  voices and movie trailers to produce different humor movie trailers. Some of their entertaining videos are making more than $25,000.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making parody videos, you are allowed to use copyrighted video content and produce your entertaining one. This is not really a gray area in copyright laws. This type of videos has always been allowed. So, you don’t have to worry about the copyright issue.

This different technique was made by me for getting huge traffic – so that I can ensure you have not experienced it somewhere else.


Consult with any experienced Internet Marketing professional on YouTube where the majority of their clicks come from. You may think it’s coming from YouTube searches or may be Google searches or different blog post .

If you are also thinking like, you are totally wrong because The # 1 spot you’re getting the majority of your clicks is coming from the YOUTUBE RELATED VIDEOS.

Youtube Related Videos

So your target has to be to get inside the “RELATED VIDEOS” area of Youtube videos that are already getting plenty of clicks. I’ll explain you my unique technique for doing this. Through this method your video will get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of free clicks.

Step by Step Action for This Technique

Step 1. Upload your video on

Step 2. Find the viral video where you want to get into the RELATED VIDEOS area. The viral video must meet these criteria for this strategy to work:

  • Viral Video must have been uploaded within the past 4 days.
  • Viral Video must have 50,000+ views.
  • Viral Video must be legitimately related to your video.

Step 3. Go to Google Adwords and either sign up or sign in.

Step 4. Click on the CAMPAIGN button and after that Choose ONLINE VIDEO.

Adwords Video Campaign

Step 5. Create your campaign and CHECK only Youtube search option, make sure you UNCHECK “YouTube Videos” from NETWORKS. Try to keep your budget at $5 per day.

Adwords Campaign

Step 6. Choose your LOCATIONS AND LANGUAGES section looks like this:-

Adwords Campaign Location and Territories

Step 7.  Copy and paste your YouTube video url which you want to promote.

Adwords Video Url

Step 8. Don’t touch the advanced settings. Just click Save and Continue.

Campaign Advance Settings

Step 9. Set your Max Cost Per View to $0.02. YouTube may warn you that you won’t get many clicks at this cost. Just ignore it. It’s wrong. $0.02 is as low as you can go. At 0.01 your ads won’t show.

Adwords Cost

Step 10. Under TARGETING, click on the dropdown box labeled NARROW YOUR TARGETING. Click on  PLACEMENTS.

Ad Target

Step 11. Under ADD MANUALLY, copy and paste the URL of the viral video, where you want to show your video in the RELATED VIDEOS section. Then click ADD and then click on DONE.

Viral Video URL

Step 12. Click SAVE TARGETTING GROUP and you’re done for now. Your ad is ready to run.


After your ad getting approved by Google, your ad will start showing up at the top of the RELATED VIDEOS
section as an AD.

Youtube Video Side Advertisement

Within couple of days of your advertisement ($5) running, your video will definitely start to appear one of the related videos for that particular video … IN THE YOUTUBE SEARCH RESULTS PAGE.

Why doings so work?
When the majority of people run an advertisement, they run it throughout YouTube, spreading out information all over the place. A several people click your video from here, a couple of click from there, a few click from some other location. The clicks are spread out all around hundreds of YouTube video clips.

But, In this case, We’re running an advertisement on ONE SINGLE VIDEO. Who does that? That’s strange. Why would they do that?

Well, they ‘d do it if they were privileged with some secret understanding of how those YouTube algorithms work. See, YouTube’s bots detect that after seeing that VIRAL VIDEO, hundreds of owner then click YOUR VIDEO. It doesn’t matter that it’s an advertisement.

This arranges in between that VIRAL VIDEO and YOUR VIDEO. This informs the Youtube Bots that YOUR VIDEO is a RELATED VIDEO.

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