How to Make Money Without Google AdSense ?

If blogging is your passion and your AdSense account is not approved or Google banned your account for some reason then you think how to make money without Google AdSense because most of the bloggers think that AdSense is the only option for monetization.

Google Adsense Program

These days lots of bloggers earn money online through adsense income. The reason behind is AdSense is one of the biggest Ad network with higher cpc compare to other ad network. Every blogger want safe recurring income and that’s why they choose AdSense as a blog monetisation network.

But, what happens to those bloggers or small companies whose AdSense account is banned by Google or it’s very hard to get an approved from Google?

Some people are really upset and said this is the end of their blogging and make money online for them? But this is not true, In this post, I will be sharing some wealthy ideas and you will know how Adsense banned account is not the end of your blogging and it is not as bad as think most of the bloggers.

The reason behind of Adsense popularity is quality of ad network and you don’t have to worry about the changing your ads time to time because Ads are automatically changed according to your niche and content.

But do you know, the biggest issues of Adsense programs using as an monetization. Here are I specified some of the major issues when you use Adsense Ad Network:-

  • All countries not having the good PPC because if you target some asian countries like India, Sri Lanka or Pakistan your CPC will very low in Adsense.
  • If you want to get more money from AdSense, you have to use different techniques which includes seo, high cpc keywords.
  • Very strict webmaster guidelines and if you violating any guideline, Google will banned your account and balance amount will be transfer in their advertiser.

How Blogging is better without having AdSense account?

So, In my opinion AdSense is not as good as think most of the bloggers and small level companies. Because there are so benefits when you are away from AdSense, some of the examples are:-

  • You can use different traffic method like PPC network, solo ads etc.
  • Not to worry about account banned at any time.
  • Accidently clicks on Ads.

Some of the biggest bloggers like John chow and Matthew Woodward are not using any Adsense program and they earn huge money from their blog. So, when these guys can earn good money from different monetization method, why not you?

Different Monetization Method other than Google AdSense

There are different types of monetization method where you can earn money without using Google Adsense program. For example, you can build the email list according to your niche and offer different affiliate programs to your subscribers or you can create your own products through Idplr and sell digital products online. Similarly, if you are running a beauty or health related blog, you can offer weight loss products or creating a diet plan to your users at affordable rates.

Some people don’t want to use affiliate programs because they want safe recurring income through CPC/PPC Ad Networks. Here are I mentioned some of the CPC/PPC Ad Networks other than AdSense where you can earn money:-

  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Clicksor
  • Kontera

In the end, I can say, Internet world having a huge market for everything, all you just need to know how to sell it, whether it is a CPC network, affiliate product  or your own product.

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