How to Rank a Website on Google 1st Page & Makes $2000 A Month

In this post, I am sharing with you some Google Page 1 Ranking secrets and you are so lucky to read this post and rank your website my step by step formula. I tried to provide different seo tools as well, which needed to rank your website quickly.You will love the Google Top Ranking which will come in 30 days.

Before start any work on your SEO Project, you have lot of research before build up your website and keyword research is one of the main element for any website to rank.

Google 1st Page- Ranking

When I started keyword research for my website, I focus on buyer traffic and long tail keywords which is related to my main keyword terms. I always use Long Tail Pro keyword research tool, who gives me the high quality long tail buyer keywords. If you really want to rank your website on Google 1st page you have to incorporate lots of other generic keywords as well, which looks naturally to Google.

If we talking about earning, this site is earning much more than I expected before the start of my website. Sometime most of the keywords get top ranking and you will earn almost $100 per day but after Google Dance,  earning ranges from 50 to $60 per day. You can say on an average this website is making almost $2000 a month without having any problem.

This kind of earning works with any niche. Find the right affiliate product and apply with my step by step method. You will definitely love the ranking secrets with massive online income.

How to Find Right Product in Right Niche

We are going to start with an affiliate product that we are going to promote and earn affiliate commission with them. You can start with, where you can Join through the SignUp link on the top of the website.

Once you have completed the signup process you will get an Affiliate ID from Clickbank and now you can promote digital products from the Clickbank Marketplace. You just need to find the hot selling products which will sell on our website.

Being an experienced Internet Marketer, I will recommend to find a product from Software & Services, Health & Fitness or Home & Garden categories. The main 3 factors of Clickbank products is Popularity, Average Commission per Sale and Gravity to find the right product to promote.

After select the right product , you need to generate your clickbank hop link or Affiliate Link. If somebody will buy from your Affiliate Link you will get the commission from the merchant.

How to Find Buyers Keywords in Target Niche

Most of the people says How to find the buyers keywords or where to find the buyers keywords related to my niche. Well, I always try to use This gives me the great information for those buyer keywords which are related to my target niche. You can also use Google Keyword Planner Longtail Pro and Market Samurai as well to find your buyer keywords.

You need different types of buyers keywords list where you can generate massive online income. You can select Target Buyer Keyword with Maximum Traffic and Other Buyer Keywords with some Decent Traffic as well. You can use this method for Adsene income as well.

Where to Buy a Domain and Hosting

To buy a domain, Godaddy is one of my favorite registrar. Try to incorporate your keyword with your domain but try to avoid getting an exact match domain. After Google Exact Match Domain updates, large number of websites deindex from Google search result. For example, if you select a product to promote is “Weight Loss”, you can buy a domain like,, or

Here you can find a YouTube video which gives you detailed information on buying a domain from Godaddy.

After finalizing your domain you required web hosting. Web hosting is not like a domain because you need a good web hosting service for your affiliate website and I prefer Host Gator to host my websites. If you want more detailed web hosting video tutorials, click here where you get complete hosting video tutorials, which is provided by Hostgator.

How to Setup Your Money Website

Once you hosted your money website, install the WordPress on it. WordPress is one of the most recommended blogging platfor for Google Page 1 Ranking.  After installing the wordpress on your money site, create a static homepage on your website. Here is a video tutorial which is provide step by step guide of static page setup in wordpress.

You must have atleast 1000 to 2000 product review information on the home page of your site, which is provide some useful and positive information related to your product. In this product review home page you have to convince your visitors to visit the affiliate link.

After setup of your home page, you have to add at least 5 to 6 more blog posts to get the attention of your visitors. You can use the longtails keywords to generate these posts. Don’t post all articles at once, just add them on daily basis. Don’t forget to add some pictures and related videos with your posts.

How to Prepare Detailed Link Building Plan with Diversify of Anchor Text

After setup the website you need detailed link building plan with diversify of anchor text because everybody knows, a good link building plan is 60% of success in site ranking.

As per the recent Google algorithm like Panda, Penguin and Pirate, you need different keywords with natural anchor texts. You have to use Long Tails Anchors (eg. Long tail keywords), Branded Anchors (eg. Yourmoneysitename,, your site name), Naked Urls Anchors (eg., Generic Anchors (eg. browse this link, source, click here to visit this site, visit now etc.).

After working on different ranked sites, I develop perfect backlink profile to look more natural to Google. Here is the perfect backlink plan:-

  • Target Anchor: 1% = 1 link
  • Long Tails Anchor: 9% = 9 links
  • Brand Anchor: 20 % = 20 links
  • Naked Urls Anchor: 20% = 20 Links
  • Generic Anchor: 40% = 50 Links

The above backlink strategy is to generate almost 100 backlinks for your money site as Tier1. I use thie backlink plan to rank my websites but all these backlinks comes from the different  Google’s page rank. Here you can find the perfect Google Page Rank Distribution Formula for the backlinks:-

  • Google PR 0 Backlink Page : 40%
  • Google PR 1 Backlink Page : 30%
  • Google PR 2 Backlink Page : 15%
  • Google PR 3 Backlink Page : 7%
  • Google PR 4 Backlink Page : 4%
  • Google PR 5 Backlink Page : 3%
  • Google PR 6 and Above Page : 1%

15% of your backlinks must point to your inner pages as well otherwise Google will detect the backlink strategy. If you worry, where I can post high PR backlinks then you don’t have to worry about it, you can use private blog networks of where you will get high pr back links for your site.

How to Generate Social Signals for Stable Ranking

These days social signals is one of the part of search engine optimization and you must need some Facebook shares, Google Plus Votes, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Likes on Your money site, Tweets of your money site etc. to stable your search engine ranking.

Last couple of months, especially after penguin updates, Google really loves Social signals and its also help to ranking your money website.

You can use where you spend just $5 and buy social signals for your money website. Try to find High 5 star Rating GIG. These social signal is very helpful when your site is indexed by Google.

If you follow my anchor text formula your website getting rank within few days on Google. Google dance will started just after you create few high PR back links to your money site.

Once my website getting ranked on Google’s Page 2 with my target keywords, I got 2-3 sales daily. Now my website getting rank on 1st page of Google and generate $80 to $100 per day. So, if you follow the step by step my ranking formula you can also generate massive income within a month.

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