How to Increase Massive Website Traffic From Facebook?

How to Get More Web Traffic to Your Website

Facebook is a social media tool with more than 500 million users online. These days large number of Internet marketers using the Facebook to drive massive targeted traffic on their website or blog.

But, how to Increase these massive website traffic from Facebook to your blog. Ok, In this post I’ll give you some valuable tips and methods that are working in these day and you can easily drive traffic to your website or blog.

Most of the beginners think that just having a Facebook Fan page or a Facebook Group is good enough to drive traffic on their blog. But the truth is that the whole business is on Facebook you can’t claim it for your own. Because Facebook can change their rules any time and suspend your fan page any time.

It’s very hard to convert those people into buyers who are on Facebook Fan page or group because they’re distracted by a thousnad of various pictures and links. And sometime people getting confused where to click.

So your very first goal needs to obtain your Facebook traffic on your blog/website where user have actually decided to be there and you have the opportunity to market your product to them and develop relationships with them successfully.

Build an Email List for Marketing, Don’t Depend on Facebook

Similarly getting a list of friends on Facebook is excellent for traffic because It’s provides you the chances for reaching to your customers and creating relationships with them.

However to target successfully and to have a secure list that you have own control for marketing. Don’t depend on Facebook friends, you need to build own Email list from Facebook fan page where your fans likes your page.

Then you can easily communicate with them instantly by E-mail autoresponder with any advertising, promo or relationship building message you wish.

You can easily push them to your blog/website, your sales page, affiliate offer and so on. Having your own e-mail list provides you the complete control on your subscribers and is a genuine and valuable asset for your business.

Keep in mind that you can’t handle Facebook and it’s much more tricky to turn individuals into paying subscribers when they’re on Facebook. So making use of Facebook as a method to build traffic to your own site is generally the much better alternative.

Facebook for Business

Setup A Facebook Fan Page or Group?

Might you own a Facebook fan page or a Facebook group of people? As a standard guideline until you have a truly good factor for performing otherwise a Facebook page is better if you use this page as web traffic generator and your goal is to get traffic to your web site.

A Facebook Group is much better option if you wish your members to interact each other and share relevant information on Facebook.

Post New Content on Regular Basis

Try to post new information on your web site on a regular basis …

Setting up fresh content on your web site a regular basis is very important if you really serious to get website traffic. You can generate fresh web content, include images or make use of a range of various techniques to get information on your web site.

One successful technique is to “curate” web content … taking the most recent and best trends, posts, news articles and so on in your specific niche and announcing about them.

It’s important whenever you’re producing fresh content that you focus on subjects and keywords who are truly hot and will certainly give visitors most likely to buy from you.

At the same time keep an eye on what information you have actually created earlier gets more shares as well as more visitor traffic and do more material along those collections.

How to Get Traffic into High gear from Facebook and other Social Shares

Whenever you generate fresh and new content on your website this is the correct time when you get traffic into high gear. Every time, When you post new information on Facebook Fan page about your niche try to link back to the content on your website with an appropriate image. Remember, including an image with content will increase more traffic.

Try to post these content on other social media sites as well e.g. Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest etc.

Use Facebook Ads To Get Your Initial Fans

When you’re build a new Facebook page with some good content on it, initialy you need few fans to share your content with other users and drive traffic. You can buy Facebook users database or you can use Facebook Ads to get new fans according to your niche.

Try to keep the paid advertising of Facebook to make sure you are on right path and getting good fans return from it.

Link To Your Facebook Fan Page In Other Posts…

You have to engage with your Facebook Fans, so that these people like your post and share them with their friends. Most of the people using mobile to surf Facebook on regular basis and want to share some good information on their wall. You can communicate and link your Facebook fan page with these people with different method on twitter or other social media sites.

Consistency is the Key

When you post new content or information on regular basis and share them on Facebook, you will see the website traffic begins to catch-up your website. Then it can start some viral effect with something really exciting.

If you follow these techniques regularly for weeks and months slowly building until you develop good enough momentum and viral traffic to hit your website.

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