How to Get Niche Related Tumblr Traffic to Your Website

Tumblr Traffic to Website

Tumblr is one of the big social media website where you can find more than 200 million different blogs on different niche. That’s why I am using Tumblr as a marketing tool for my website and even this is one of my best tool who generate targeted traffic to my website.

Tumblr is a high page rank and high authority website in Google’s eye this gives me high authority do-follow backlink with niche based traffic.

In this post, I’m focus on what I feel is the best of the bunch for free traffic building through TUMBLR and how to get niche related followers and start driving targeting traffic to your money website.

Tumblr has a great features that are very crucial for traffic building to my website. Most important features to generate traffic from Tumblr are follow list and re-blogging feature.

I really like the integration feature as well where I can integrate my Tumblr blog with Facebook and Twitter with post scheduling features.

How to Add Content on Tumblr Post to Get More Relevant Traffic

Adding content is one of the most important factor in Tumblr post. When adding content it’s going to vary from niche to niche. After posting the content try to build social bookmarking links as an 2nd tier links through bookmarking demon.

Adding info graphics are great way to engage people with your blog because they are educational and more practical for users.

Adding quotes are great because they can related to any niche. Quotes touch people on an emotional level and people love to share this kind of stuff with their friends.

Cool few seconds video clips also do well on Tumblr and are a lot more eye catching for your users. When you post your content on Tumblr, must use the post tag feature and try to incorporate those keywords/phrases and secondary words, which is related to your post.

If you want, your posts can be found in Tumblr search, don’t forget about tagging, because other Tumblr Bloggers will re-blog your picture, videos and info grahics from Tumblr search.

Be consistent with your posts. You want to always remember quality goes a lot further then quantity. Bring value to your blog post. Think from a user’s stand point and not a sales standpoint.

You don’t need to invest your whole day on posting content on Tumblr. I try Viraltag, tool which is one of the best marketing tool for social accounts. It will schedule all your post according to your time frame.

How to Get Your Tumblr Posts Go Viral

If you want to get your post go Viral on Tumblr, just follow my tips and tricks who will help you take your posts go viral on Tumblr blog.

If you want big followers on your profile you need to follow more people on tumblr which is related to your niche – how simple is that. If I follow other people blog, they read my blog post which is related niche and most of the times these people will follow me back. So, this is one of the big factor for anyone who want to grow list of followers on Tumblr.


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