How to Get Dofollow Backlink From YouTube and Boost Search Engine Ranking

Get Do Follow Backlink Youtube

Thousand of people worry about their blog and thinking how I can promote promote my blog or rank well in search engine. If you are also one of them try to focus on powerful Authority backlinks to your blog or money website. Building thousand of backlinks is not enough today because you need high authority backlinks to perform well in SERP.

If you really want to promote your website ranking in search engine result pages then you have to increase website authority in Google’s eye. Getting backlinks from high PageRank is not enough today because you need backlinks from different of high authority sources and YouTube is one of the top 3 website, which is owned by Google.

YouTube PageRank is 9 and domain authority is 100 out of 100. If you can get the do-follow backlinks from YouTube then it will boost your search engine ranking very fast. But nobody knows how to get dofollow backlink from youtube without become their partner or verified webmaster.

Getting dofollow backlink from YouTube is not a big task if you post your website link as per my guideline. I provide step by step method which is very easy for beginner as well.

Step 1. Create your Google Webmaster Account.

Google Webmaster Tool

Step 2. Add your website and paste the verification key, which is provided by Google. After pasting the verification code on your website, you will be a verified webmaster.

Add Website in Google Webmaster Tool

Step 3. You required verify your account with YouTube as well.

Step 4. Click on and verify your account.

Step 5. After going to above verfication URL, just login to your YouTube Account using with gmail ID.

Step 6. Go to Channel Settings and then Click on Advanced

Step 7. Post your website link in “Associated Website” section.

Associated Website on Youtube

That’s it, You have done your role and now wait for 24 hrs. until Google crawl your dofollow backlink on YouTube.

When Google crawl your link, you will get a dofollow backlink from you can even check your link on, or And, if you build your backlinks from these kind of Authority website, your ranking will definitely boost in SERP.

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