How to Create a Money Making Blog Website within 25 Days

How to Earn Money Online in 25 Days

What you will do, if you want to create a money making blog website from scratch without any cash?

This is one of the most common question that ask on different forums and websites. It is typically originates from the beginners who are searching for the different techniques, which works most effective and fast.

In my opinion this is not the question of beginners, it’s a question of those people who tried different methods to generate income online and not success yet. Time to time these peoples using different forums and ask those professional internet gurus who are successfully getting huge income online.

Create a Money making blog is not an easy task but it’s not as much hard that showing from the Internet gurus. Ok, I will tell you the truth behind the money making blog and give you some techniques on how you can create money making blog where you can make huge money online.

Why are Blogs Websites is an Ideal Choice for Making Money online

Majority of people asking me why you create a blog to generate money online. See, Blog sites are simple to install and handle. You simply sign up an account with a blogging platform like or and you can launch your blog immediately.

Generally there are no set-up costs, if you build a blog on free Blogging platform like or, even you don’t have to buy a domain name and web hosting. If you run 10-20 different niche blogs on own domains and pay for these services for each, you have to invest big money. But these free websites does not cost you a cent and allow you to run different niche blogs on their platform.

Blog websites are much better technique to market affiliate products or services. It is a truth, that the very good method to offer affiliate products is to create a genuine, favorable review. Experienced internet marketers utilize this approach to earn 1000 of dollars monthly from different affiliates.

One of my student buy a facebook money making book from here and earn $700 in 1st month from affiliate marketing. It means not even blog you can earn money from Facebook page as well.

The other way to generate income from Blogging is a contextual marketing and Adsense is one of the best way to earn quickly and easy money through this way. Contextual marketing is a well-known method for webmasters to make money without energy and effort.

Even if you have no idea about the HTML codes or java scripts, you can earn money from showing text advertisements by Google Adsense program. Google Adsense provides you to put Adsense code on your blog’s template, and you can do this with a couple of clicks, so no have to trouble with HTML codes. Adsense provides you the design panel where you can match the color of Contextual ads with the colors of your blog’s design. You can mix ads colors with your blog’s design and increase CTR.

Top Secret Techniques of Creating Money Making Blog Posts

Method 1 : The very first approach is to develop blog sites that focus on specific problems. Within your posts initially explain the problem of your particular niche, then provide an answer. This answer should be an affiliate product or services, that you market and earn money from them.

The large number of people utilize the internet to discover relevant information for fixing a problem. For instance, treatment methods for weight loss, answers for money matters, place to visit in holidays, software applications against viruses and malware, and so on. This is exactly where you can write in your blog and how you can use the same technique to make money online, which is using by thousand affiliate marketers.

If you begin 4 blog posts per day, you will roughly have 100 posts in 25 days. Just imagine, how much money you can earn from this blog.

Method 2 : You can use your blog for online tutorials and online courses. Find a particular subject and begin a series of posts eg. it’s a series of driving online education lessons. Y

our fist post need to be driving lesson 1, the 2nd post ought to be driving lesson 2, and so on. Try to post related affiliate links in your posts. You can also use these tutorials for creating Adsense income.

Start blogging right now and within a month you will definitely have a blog authority who gives you a good volume of money. For more details see my blog below.

If you feel, this is hard way to generate online income for you, then you can get tons of different methods in make money online category. In this category, you can find out other ways as well to earn easy money online.

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