How I Get Top Google Ranking in 1 Month With The Help of Natural Link Building

I have created this post because I’ve found that many people searching for how to get top ranking in Google and other major search engines. If you follow my guide in proper way then you can skyrocket your Google rankings.  All this done with a few simple tricks and small hours of work.

To get this top Google ranking, I have create this step by step guide and the entire action-plan to get top 10 google results. I will start with some general SEO advice that you need to follow when you are build your link for money website.

Google Top Ranking

Before start this guide, I just clear one thing, SEO is a long term project, but 1 month is good enough to start seeing the first results and after 1 month results getting more and more comes in search engine. So, don’t worry about the top 10 results just follow my guide correctly and you will see the top 10 results.

SEO represents “Search Engine Optimization” and as a whole we can say that SEO is every single activity implemented with the objective to rank higher in Google unpaid (organic) results. If you get top Google Ranking you don’t have to pay Google for that. That’s why more and more people try to get higher search engine ranking for growing their business.

Everybody know, there are two sorts of SEO activities – the initial activity is known as “on-site” SEO, which represents enhancements made on our web site, with the aim of higher ranking in search engines. The next SEO activity is known as “off-site” SEO. This sort of SEO is generally known as “link building”. We are doing absolutely every little thing we can to get backlinks from various other relevant websites to point our website. Every single backlink from other websites is working like a vote for your website, which inform search engines that our website is deserving of visits from search engine’s users.

Getting links from other websites is not an easy task in these days. You have to create content with links to your money website and post on different kinds of websites like blogs, guest post, forum post etc.

Google Top Ranking Facts

These days, Google is making the SEO game harder and harder. For many SEO experts, this has been a source of frustration while other (like me) to see the opportunity. Many of websites who have done bad link building in the past, they losing their search engine rankings because Google is making space for those websites who done really quality work with unique content.

Google will never allow us to create backlinks for our website. They want us to create a website and after that wait till 5 years before someone decides to make a hyperlink to our website so we can get our initial “natural” link as a vote. Here in this case, a natural link is a link that was created by somebody not related to the webmaster. But, all of us know that’s not always feasible. In some specific niches, this is really simple. The only issue is that these kinds of niches normally aren’t that beneficial.

If you have an idea of some strategies about SEO game then you already understand, we desperately require backlinks to our money website. And if we can’t get them naturally, we must at least do our best to make “unnatural” links look as natural as possible. How can we do that? Well, I will advise you and give many techniques throughout in my guide, but I can already say that the main factors of a natural link building are link diversity.

Importance of Link Diversity in SEO

A natural link profile means that you have backlinks from many sources like blogs, forums, blog comments, web 2.0 websites etc. If you have 1000 backlinks and all those links comes from same types of websites, then it will considered unnatural and Google doesn’t count them.

We know some of the general, more popular souces of backlinks. You can get links by by creating web 2.0 sites, by publishing articles in article directories, guest posting on people’s blogs (which is very powerful in these days), by publishing videos on Youtube and Vimeo, by writing blog comments, by participating on forums with a link signature etc. There are many other sources as well for link building and if you feel that you won’t be able to find enough sources for your links, stop worrying right now. I’ll let you know exactly where you can get them in proper way.

A very important part of link diversity is also pointing links to different pages of your website. Some links need to point to your homepage of money site, others to subpages.

Anchor Text Diversity Tips & Strategies

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. You got me – I had to look on Wikipedia to find the correct definition. Well, we should at least try to make the most out of it – our anchor text in the above link to Wikipedia is the word “Wikipedia”.

Natural Link Building

Anchor text diversity simply means that you should link to your websites with different anchor texts to make your link profile look more natural. Simply said, if your website is about “seo services” you should link to your website with anchor texts like “seo services”, “affordable seo service”, “seo” and many more combinations, which is looking more natural in Google’s eye. To make everything look even more natural, you should also link to your website with anchor text like “click here”, “browse this website”, “check this website”, and other unrelated anchor texts. Finally, the anchor text of at least some of your links should be the bare URL of your website.

Link Building with Web 2.0 Websites : Start your link building plan with the web 2.0 sites. These websites are those types of platform where you can register and publish your content. So, create unique articles and publish one of them on the most popular web 2.o site. It is very important that the articles on web 2.0 sites are readable and unique, otherwise the moderators of these websites can remove them which means that all your work is wasted. Some of the top Web 2.0 websites are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Yolasite, Hubpages and weebly.

There is nothing complicated here. All we have to do is sign up and create a website in their user-friendly interface. Post different articles on these web 2.0 websites with post link to the homepage of your money site, and the other two should point to different subpages on your money site. Sometime, one of these websites should link to another authority website as well. This way, our link profile looks more natural. You can link to Wikipedia, Amazon or other authority website which is related to your content.  Try to publish your articles from day 1 to day 7 on these types of websites and gain authority. Add an image or two to each article and include a video in one of them, otherwise we would be wasting our valuable time.

Link Building with Guest Posting : Contextual links are the best for any type of website and guest posting is the best possible option from related websites which are regularly updated and have a high page rank. First, you need to find blogs in your niche that may accept guest posts. The easiest way to do this is by entering “you niche” + “guest post” or “your niche” + “we accept guest posts” in Google. You will find many websites related to your niche and constantly sending guest post requests to other webmasters in your niche. Try to send at least 30 guest posts request. From my experience, this can be done in less than 1 hour. Try to use your 2nd week in sending request for guest post and gaining backlinks from them.

Backlinks through Forum Signature and Blog Comments : Here we go, another week. This week you need to get different other backlinking method. It’s called “forum signature links” and “blog comment”. More than 90% of forums allow their users to insert link in a signature on the forum. This is a great opportunity to build backlinks from related websites. Try to write 10 posts on 3 different niche forums and 10 blog comments on related blogs with some answers and tips for their users.

Backlinks From Video Links : In this week, we will focus on video links. Well, when we say video links, we don’t mean links from actual videos, but links that can be found in the video descriptions (which is usually located below the video). I know some of you consider making videos a hard thing. It’s not, but if you really don’t want to do it, you can hire someone to do it for you. After you have the video, you should publish it on YouTube, Vimeo, veoh, tubemogul, qik and All you need to do is make sure that you make it public and that you include a link to you money website in the description of the video. Invest some time in a video description as well – it’s well worth it.

You can link to your home page or subpage in description. If you video is about one article on your website, you can link to it.

Links through Document Sharing Sites : After finished the above backlink method, I am going to show you another backlinking method. We call it “publishing on document sharing sites”. As you already know, there are many sites that allow you to publish your documents thers. The main intention of these sites is that other people can access your content if they need to. But, we know that Google counts those links as well, which is why we are going to do the following:-

We are going to write atleast 4 articles and convert in MS Word document and PDF file. Before the files are saved and ready for posting, we need to add links in them. First article will link to your homepage on one of subpages of your website. Second article will link to one subpage and one authority website. Third article will link to your homepage and tow subpages of your website. Forth and final article will link to your home page and one authority website.

Before posting these articles, please make sure you use different anchor texts in every article. Use “brand’ anchor texts for keywords as well. You can publish these articles on top document sharing websites like,,,, issuu, 4shared and edocr.

Gives Authority to Your First Tier Links with Second Tier Linking

Tire 2 Backlinks MethodAfter completed the above back linking method, it’s already gone 3 weeks. Time runs by and we have some work to do in forth week. In this week, you have to focus on second tier linking. I’ll teach you some basics about second tier linking. First tier links are links that link to your money site. Second tier links are links that link to sites that link to your money site. Complicated? Maybe this image will help:-

The theory behind this is very simple – if you want your links to be worth something, you need to make links to them as well. This way, websites that links to yours have more authority, which makes links from them more valuable. That is why we are going to make sure our support sites receive some love from Google by pointing links to them as well.

Before we’ll start working on second tier linking, we need to have a list of our existing links. We won’t link to blog comments and forum sites with our signature links, but we will link to web 2.0 sites, document sharing sites, videos and guest posts.

The good news with guest posts and videos is the fact that they don’t need so much attention because their domains are already considered an authority, only few links will make them look superior in the eyes of Google. On the other hand, we will have to invest a little more effort in web 2.0 sites and document sharing sites.

Because we’ll actually build links to other people’s websites, we don’t want to spend too much time on that. It’s also a fact that second tier links don’t have to be completely white-hat, because websites we published our content on have enough authority to handle some “not so perfect” links. You can use some software as well to generate 2 tier links Ultimate Demon is one of the perfect example where you can produce 2 tier links very quickly.

Take a list of your first tier backlinks which we created in whole month. We will only build links to web 2.0 sites, document sharing sites, guest posts and video sites. We”ll Write the articles and post them on good article directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Isnare, Article City, Article Rich, Article Factory, Article Dashboard, Amazines, ArticleBiz and Yes articles. If you can outsource these articles on iWriter or you can produce these articles through Spin Rewriter which is one of the amazing content generation tools from plr content.

It is not enough to create second tier links from article directories. You need to post some articles on other web 2.0 sites like –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’ll be hones these links constantly change. That is why it’s possible that some links don’t work anymore and that some websites have changed. However, most of them should still work and we should be able to let your link there.

We will link each article to 1-3 web 2.0 sites, document sharing sites or videos. We’ll link some of them to authority sites as well. Because there are so many articles, I can’t tell you exactly where you should link each one. Try to link randomly – sometimes only to one site, other times on more sites. Diversify anchor text – use more general anchor texts as well. Link to to authority sites. Randomly insert target links- sometimes use http:// in the link, other times not etc.

After you have made web 2.0 second tier sites, I will show you another method second tier back linking – it’s called “social bookmarking”. We have already added many second tier backlinks and we’ll add social bookmarks because we want our website to look popular in social networks as well. You can, of course, do this automatically. There are many people that make social bookmarks really cheap, because they do it automatically. You can find many software in the market who can done this work very quickly and Bookmarking Demon is one of the best example.

After you have bookmarked first tier links, you need another back linking method today (first tier this time). It’s called “Question & Answer sites”. The whole point of Q&A Sites is asking questions and answering on them. When you answer, some sites will allow you to include a resource of your answer. And this resource is your chance to get a backlink. Some of the top Q&A sites are,,, etc.

We are almost finished. I’ve taught you everything I know about SEO and if you follow my aboev guide, you should do great. Up to this point, our work has always been very focused – we were writing blog comments one day, then we made some forum posts the next day. etc. I picked this approach because it’s much easier to understand the whole thing.

I know these days weren’t easy. Especially on some days, there was a lot of work that had to be done. But you did it. You got out of your comfortable zone and you went that extra mile. In these working days you have learned a lot. I already mentioned about all major link building possibilities and even better.

However, when you follow the above mentioned link building strategy, you can see that our work wasn’t wasted. Your money site got tons of new, high quality backlinks from authority website as well as related websites. If you niche is not very competitive, you should already see some results in rankings by now. If you picked a niche with a moderate number of competitors, you are probably already on the first page of Google’s search results, or at least very close to it. In both cases, you now know where you are and how much work you have to invest to get where you want to be.

You can generate these links manually or you can use Ultimate demon software for using these automated task to complete.

Of course, you have to hones with yourself. After these 30 days, your work is not completed. You have to build more links to your money site in order to keep it high ranking in Google and other major search engines.

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