How to Get High PR Edu and Gov Dofollow Backlinks

Large number of Internet marketers want to know how to get high pr .edu and .gov  dofollow backlinks. .edu backlinks are are links to your site from pages on educational websites with .edu domain extensions (eg. and .gov backlinks are links to your site from pages on governmental websites with .gov domain extensions (eg.

Hig PR Gov Edu Dofollow Backlink

Both domain extensions are considered highly authoritative backlinks, and the reason is pretty much self explanatory- they belong to governmental authorities and educational institutes, there’s no way for someone to get this kind of domain extension without being a governmental authority or educational institute. Therefore these websites are considered high authority websites in the eyes of Google and other search engines, and naturally getting links for your site from this kind of websites passes some of their authority on to you. In their point of view, if these kinds of sites link to your site, there must be a good reason…

It doesn’t matter if your website is new or exists for years; these kind of authoritative backlinks are a MUST if you want to get higher rankings and higher Google PageRank. There’s almost no other way of getting such valuable backlinks that will highly affect your rankings without spending a small fortune.

Types of .Edu &.Gov Backlinks

There are a different types of .edu and .gov backlinks that we’re going to cover here and I highly recommend using all of them and not just the quick and easy ones, and do so constantly and over time to make sure the backlinks are indexed in the most natural way. The types of high pr .edu and .gov backlinks we’re going to cover here are:-

  • Profile .gov & .edu backlinks
  • Guestbook’s .gov & .edu backlinks
  • Blog comments .gov & .edu backlinks

How to Get .Edu & .Gov Profile Backlinks?

Some .edu and .gov websites have forums or blogs in them, which allows you to register, and create a profile page for yourself. In that profile page you’re allowed to add a website link, where you can post your backlink. Need more profile backlinks for other websites or other pages on the same site? Just register as a different user and set up a new profile with new website link.

Simply register to these .edu websites and .gov, it’s free, and include your link during registration, or in the “profile” or “personal” tab after registration. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes per link.

How to Get .Edu & .Gov Comment Backlinks?

Like we mentioned before, some of the .gov and .edu websites include blogs, and some of these blogs allow commenting for some or all of the posts. This is another valuable source for getting high & .gov backlinks.

When you write a comment don’t just throw your link there, spend a few seconds to understand the post you’re about to comment on and write a relevant comment. Some of these blogs have auto-approved comments and some are moderating the comments. Making a relevant comment will dramatically increase the chance of getting your comment approved, and therefore make your link live.

How to Get .Gov & .Edu Guestbook Backlinks?

A website guestbook is an area on a website that allows visitors to leave their names to indicate they have visited the site. In most cases, it also allows visitors to post their contact information, including URL, and leave comments.

These are much like comment backlinks in terms of value and the way to get it, but we’ve separated them because of their different mechanism.

Simply signup to these .edu guestbooks or make a comment in one or more of the posts, it’s also free. Don’t forget to include your link in the appropriate field or inside the message if there isn’t an appropriate field for that.

Where can I Find Sources for .Gov & .Edu Backlinks?

I’m going to show you a simple way to find unlimited sources for getting all the kinds of high pr dofollow .gov and .edu backlinks we’ve mentioned.

Everybody knows, getting NICHE TARGETED backlinks is also a way to gain authority to your website, and when these are not only niche targeted, but also .gov and .edu, it just couldn’t get better than that…getting NICHE TARGETED backlinks is also a way to gain authority to your website, and when these are not only niche targeted, but also .gov and .edu, it just couldn’t get better than that…

We’re going to use different foot prints on Google, as simple as it sounds, but use it’s advanced features.

  • Adding “” to the search term will get you results for the keywords you mentioned only from “”
  • Furthermore, adding “” to the search term will get you results for the keywords you mentioned only from domains with .gov extension, and the same goes for “”
  • Adding “inurl:keyword” to the search term will get results only from URLs that include the term “keyword” inside them for your given keywords.
  • Adding “-” before any search term or rule will screen the search term or rule from your results pages. For example, adding “-inurl:blog” will get you results for your given keywords, excluding URLs that contains the word “blog” in them.

Alternatively you can use “DropMyLink” tool (it’s free) to make the queries for you, simply go to, enter your keywords and choose the kind of sources you need. It will automatically make the Google query and will open it in a new tab.

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