How I Got 10,000 Facebook Fans in Just 30 Days

Increase Facebook Fans in Just 30 Days

I am one of the big fan of easy and quick traffic generation methods that doesn’t involve Google whether it’s comes from social media, email marketing or even other internet marketing tricks.

In my opinion, Search Engine Traffic is temporarily for our website because time to time Google changed the algorithm and then website got hit in some penalty and traffic goes down.

That’s why, I have tried so many different platforms and methods like Blogspot, Tumbler, Reddit, Guest Post, LinkedIn, YouTube Video etc.

But for a long time I didn’t really get Facebook.

My first attempt was back in 2012, but as I didn’t really understand how to attack the platform I gave up after a few months. Fast forward to late 2013, I took a look at Facebook again and I was quite amazed by what I saw there.

Facebook pages with 10 k+, 200 K+ and even millions of fans – Run by regular Facebook users. In fact, the most viral page on Facebook run by a person with no knowledge about social marketing whatsoever.

After my long study and lots of time to refining the idea behind this strategy. I am ready to share my experience with you in this post. So let’s start!

Why Most People Fail Before They Even Start on FaceBook

Lots of people try to build a successful page on Facebook but they fail before even start. If you want to build a successful Facebook page, you have to understand how the Facebook works.

It’s amazing how many people dive right in without any knowledge about the mechanics behind Facebook whatsoever. It’s also why you may have heard people complain that “Facebook doesn’t work” or “Facebook fans aren’t worth anything”…

If you are also one of the newly Internet Marketer to Facebook then I strongly recommend you to read this introduction to Facebook pages before create your page.

How Facebook News Feed Algorithm Work

As a Facebook page admin you need to know about the ‘Facebook News Feed Algorithm’,  It is an algorithm that determines what content to show in the news feed for each individual Facebook user. Only a very little portion of all the stories available to you are actually shown in your news feed.

In 2007, a Facebook engineer stated that only 0,2% of the stories considered make it to the news feed! This means that only 1 in 500 stories are actually published in the news feed! (And that was in 2007!)

The rest are hidden by the algorithm, and that’s why it’s important to know about it as a marketer -> We want our stories to reach as many people as possible!

Okay, now let me explain the 3 elements:

Affinity Score : Affinity Score is the relationship between user and creator. It’s a one-way connection that is affected by actions such as clicking, liking, commenting and other actions. If a fan interacts a lot with your page they’ll have a high affinity score with the page and see more of your stories in their news feed.

Edge Weight : Edge Weight is how much the ‘edge/story’ is worth. As a general rule of thumb you can say that the more effort as user has to put into something, the more valuable it is. E.g. comments are worth more than likes in the weighting system. More engaging edges also tend to rank higher – photos and videos have higher value than links for example.

Time Decay : Time Decay is used to filter out old stories. The older a story gets, the less points it has in the ‘time-decay score’. It’s called the News Feed for a reason, right?

Don’t worry if you are getting confused about all this algorithm talk then One word can solve your problem and i.e. Engagement!

Facebook is looking to show interesting content to their users. And when someone interacts by clicking, commenting, liking or sharing, they have shown Facebook are  interested in what they saw and in the future they’ll see more like it…

Later I’ll show you how to create posts that are optimized for interaction, but right now you just need to know that this is how Facebook works.

If you were looking to spam affiliate links or CPA offers all time then I hope you have changed your mind now that you know how it would negatively affect  on your page.

How Facebook Page Grow Virally

Facebook Pages can grow virally with the help of active promotions. But with the right topic and angle, pages will also grow with viral updates/posts.

Whenever someone shares, likes or comments on something they create a ‘story’. These stories are what the News Feed Algorithm processes, and if they are scoring well they will be published.

Your page posts don’t just appear for people who have liked your page. They also have the potential to show up on your fan’s friend’s feeds.

This viral growth is why Facebook is such a powerful traffic tool. Once you have an established page it will continue to grow exponentially without much work.

Now that you know way more about Facebook than most people it’s time to move on to the actual strategy that works behind the Facebook Viral.

Your very first job to find a niche. You need to find those niches that work on Facebook I have observed some of the most successful pages that aren’t run by big companies or famous celebrities. Some of the examples are:-

… and there are thousands of different pages from different niches where you can see likes these out there. But what makes these pages so successful that they can achieve fan-counts in the million? And here’s what I’ve found.

Build a Niche Community

All these pages are built as a community around a popular topic with viral potential. A community is something people will LOVE to like. It’s something they will LOVE to share with their friends. And it’s something they will LOVE to interact with!

When you are brainstorming a potential niche there are a few guidelines you follow:

                        1. Something people will share with their friends

                        2. Lot of material for daily updates

                        3. Can be monetized

So, If you have your own website then find a community angle and build a Facebook page around it.

How to Build Your Initial Facebook Fans

It is time to populate your new and awesome Facebook page. But first you have to understand ‘The Snowball Effect’. The Snowball Effect is a social following grows exponentially as a snowball runs down the hill

The initial fans are the hardest one. To get these fans you’ll have to either work manually or use Facebook Advertising for them. But once you get going you’ll start to see the viral power kick in and that’s when you can stop working on the strategies I’m about to share.

And this growth will continue to grow exponentially as long as you keep an active fan base. The more fans you have, the more you can attract. So don’t give up if it seems hard at first. Again – the first fans are the hardest. With that out of the way I’ll show my three best methods.

Use Email List – Try to send an email to your existing subscribers and telling them about your Facebook page. But that’s not the only way. You can also invite your email list to join your page using a Facebook feature. If you don’t have an Email list, use Facebook email database where you can find more than 1 million emails.

Subscribers – If you have any subscribers from a RSS-feed, YouTube, Twitter or anywhere else: Invite them!

Use Your Personal Facebook Profile – Try to Invite your friends from your personal Facebbok profile and force them to join your page or just post about it on your personal profile. Facebook also has a feature to invite friends – just look at your page dashboard.

Use Signature – Link to your Facebook page from your forums signature, emails signature and other places where you can.

Posting on Related Groups and Pages – Find the other pages or groups which is related to your niche and post them to get some awareness around your new page.

Reach Out – Simply reaching out to established pages can actually get you a post on their wall and a wave of new followers. Some Facebook pages allow you to post on their wall. A wall post is visible to everybody.

Content to Post on Facebook Page – Engaging content is a vital and critical part for any active and viral page. Consistently try to post atleast 3-5 times a day. If you can’t post 3-5 times in a day then use Facebook scheduling feature where you can schedule your post and then have them automatically published.

If you use my above method you will definitely get more than 10,000 Facebook Fans within 30 days of time. Even if it just enough to make your page look alive. If your page will goes Viral than make money online is not a big issue.

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