Step By Step Strategy On How To Create A Successful Image Based Blog With Pinterest and Viraltag

In these days, Social Media play a big role in Internet Marketing. Now I’m giving you the detailed step by step strategy on how to create a successful image based blog that generates a massive traffic and a nice flow of passive income.

How to Make Money with Pinterest

I profited from social media accounts, especially Pinterest. It will be as detailed as possible and easy to follow, so that you can also getting the huge profit from it!

I will try to explain everything in a easy way, so that you will know how to create successful blog and earn huge money online from it. I strongly suggest that you read my guide carefully and follow all the steps as per my guideline. You can also create your own strategy and try a different ideas at your own, so that it could be more profitable for you.

Start From Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of the busiest, fastest growing social media platform where you can build huge target audience. Its expansion is becoming a great opportunity for online and offline marketers. Just some short quick facts about Pinterest:-

  • Pinterest is an image based social network and that’s why, conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic.
  • More than 45% of U.S. online customers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.
  • Pinterest generates 4x more revenue (per click) than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook.

When creating boards, please make sure to give them some good and interesting titles, not just type single word ‘Beauty’ or ‘Traveling’. Expand it a bit; make it interesting.

When you create a new board, populate it with some nice looking pictures. Don’t leave your boards empty! But again, don’t spend the whole day on this step. Try Viraltag, which is one of the online tool for social media scheduler.

With the help of Viral Tag, you can easily search different niche based pictures. Just type in the search box, then choose the most interesting ‘pins’ for your board. You can also use bulk uploader and use your own multiple pictures in one go.

Bulk Upload Images on Social Media Accounts

Why Viraltag?

Viraltag is an online app where you can do the whole process automatically. I am really happy to using this great tool and post thousand of pins in different accounts. This amazing app can do a lot of the work instead of you.

Not just Pinterest, parallel you can attach other social media accounts too and get traffic from Facebook, Tumblr or even Instagram as well. You will have to do the same thing as you did on Pinterest.

How to Create Your Image Based Blog

Let’s say that you managed to get 10 invitations to some big group boards in the home decor niche. If you sum the number of followers you can get a really big number. I managed to get invitations to all boards. It summed up to approximately 300,000 followers. 300,000!

What does this exactly means? It means that I had some impact on those people. It means that each time I posted an image, 300,000 people saw it (well, if I would hypothetically post an image to all boards at once – it is possible, don’t worry :). It also means that I get approximately. 3,000 unique visitors to my site each time I make a pin. Isn’t it amazing?

So, if you think like every good businessman, then you already know you will have to create a property to which people from Pinterest will be directed. What we want to achieve is to create a permanent posting flow from your blog to all your social media accounts, especially Pinterest.

When you schedule a post, you tell Viraltag to publish an image at that exact time. As soon as you make your first schedule, repeat the process with another image. This one would be scheduled 3 hours later, next image another 3 hours later and so on for all 24 hours!

Just see the picture below and get an idea how you can tracking of your scheduled posts from Viraltag dashboard which provide you the scheduled updates on regular basis.
How to Schedule Your Post on Social Media Accounts

Let me show you what traffic you can expect…

From my personal experience, in first month of constant publishing I generated 12,013 unique visitors to my Home Decor blog.

One month later , I got 14,270 unique visitors…

And the third month I had already 24,315 unique visitors!

In 4 months I already published 1,023 images on my blog. Imagine, 1,023 images sent in the ‘social media space’! Many of them went viral, people liked them, commented them, repinned them, promoted them to their friends and follower etc. Each new person who saw an image on Pinterest also saw a link to my blog. Not all of them, but many of them clicked on the image and came directly to my site!

You know why I said that Viraltag is a magical app? Because its function is to scheduling your images from your blog or local desktop. What exactly does it mean? It basically means that it will automatically take an image from the blog and re-post/re-published it again.

In my case, the majority of traffic comes from Pinterest. But not only Pinterest! After 3 month of time, I have noticed there are people from other sources coming in too: 7% of Facebook users, 5% of Twitter and 3 % of Tumblr visitors. I spent little effort building other social media accounts. Most of my time I made connections on Pinterest, so that is why the majority of traffic comes from there.

You can also do the same thing with Viraltag software and grow your social media accounts who drive massive traffic to your blog and earn passive money from it. I really wish you for big success with this strategy!

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